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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Christian music websites

After writing back and forth to my friend Season some, I got to thinking about what would be the best thing to do to learn more about what's out there in Christian music if you don't have access to a Christian music radio station (thanks for the idea Season!). A good place to check is on artists websites, including their regular websites and their MySpace sites (if they have one). I have many websites listed on the left side of this blog, including several more that I just added. There are also a few sites about Christian music in general too, with more information. If you know of more sites, or want me to find particular artists' sites, please let me know.

Another good place to go is to get the "WOW" CD's. These are the Christian version of the "NOW" CD's with secular music. They have the top songs in Christian music from the previous year. WOW 2007 is out now. The WOW CD's have a variety of all types of Christian music, from worship and soft rock to hard rock. So those are 2 good places to check.

And if you find songs somewhere that you like, you can download the songs from SongTouch or So there's a some good sources for good Christian music.

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