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Monday, January 15, 2007

Red Sox, Cubs, and Colts

Here's some articles from back in September. The first one is on the Red Sox Trot Nixon, a Christian, becoming a free agent this off-season. He's yet to sign with anyone yet. Here's a quote:

The one thing Red Sox fans always demand -- high effort -- is the one thing Nixon has always given back in high supply.

"People respect how I go about doing things," said Nixon. "That comes from my parents, my father, teammates that I've had like Mike Stanley, Darren Lewis, guys who come out, don't expect to be in the front page of the paper, don't expect to be in the headlines, don't care if they're in the headlines, just want to be part of something special. I was in '04. I want to do it as many more times as God wants me to."

Here's the article:

Here's some more about the Cubs Derrek Lee and the eye disease that caused his daughter to go blind in one eye. Here's a quote from Lee about his daughter:

"We look at that as a positive, and ask that everyone continue to pray for a miracle and that she continues to have good sight out of one eye," Lee said.

Here's the article:

Next, an article about now former Cubs manager Dusty Baker before the meeting that he had with Cubs general manager Jim Hendry about his job. Here's a quote from Baker:

The calluses have been developed over time.

"You have experiences," Baker said. "I've had experiences since I was a kid, going back to my elementary, junior high, high school. I was the only black kid in my high school, me and my brother. I was in the south, South America, I was in the Marines, I was in L.A., I was loved, I was scorned, I've had almost every emotion there is thrown at me.

"As a believer in God, you also learn these things come to people more than they do other people sometime," he said. "If you know my dad, if you know my mom, I come from some very strong roots. The only problem with that is sometimes there's a thin line between strength and stubbornness. That one I haven't figured out."

Here's the article:

Here's a couple of articles about Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne when he went home to spend time with his family after his brother was killed in a car accident. First, a quote about Wayne from teammate Peyton Manning:

“I just told him we were praying for him and thinking about him,” Manning said. “They’re going through a tough time, but they’re doing the best they can. It’s whatever he wants to do, but I do expect him to play.”

Here's that article:

The other article includes a couple of quotes from teammates Aaron Moorehead and Brandon Stokely:

"I was at dinner and I was in a big state of shock, I almost started crying," said Aaron Moorehead, another Indy receiver and one of Wayne's closest friends. "I'm really almost in tears right now. He said he wanted us to pray for him and that's what we're going to do."...

"The guys in this locker room, we're like brothers," receiver Brandon Stokley said. "We're all playing for Reggie and we're keeping him in our prayers."

Here's that article:

Also, an article about Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison visting children at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis:

Here's an article about the Red Sox David Ortiz auctioning off his team record-breaking home run #52 for charity:

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