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Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Bowl and other misc.

Just a note, the movie "Facing the Giants" is coming out tomorrow, January 30th. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard that it's great and can't wait to get it and watch it. Check the movie website for more:

First, an article about the Phillies Jimmy Rollins, a Christian, reading to kids as part of the Phillies' "Be a Phanatic About Reading Program":

Next, a good article about NFL players, coaches, and team chaplains:

Included in the above article is Redskins coach Joe Gibbs' website: This will also be listed with the people in sports links.

And now for some more Super Bowl articles:

Here's another good story about Colts coach Tony Dungy and Bears coach Lovie Smith and the style of coaching that has worked for them:

Also, an article on Reggie Wayne and the death of his brother Rashad this past fall. Here's a quote:

In the days after Rashad's death, Reggie's mind was everywhere except on football. But as he sat around his family home in New Orleans, mourned and cried with his loved ones, he chose to get on a plane and join his teammates for their game against the Jets.

"I really didn't want to play when we played the Jets,'' said Wayne, who caught four passes for 74 yards that day.

After praying about it, though, he decided his brother would have wanted him to continue playing. "Mentally, I wasn't all there. But it was time to go back to my other family.''

Here's the article:

Next, another article on Dungy and Smith and their players:

Here's an article on the Colts Dan Klecko and his newfound stardom. He's in his first year playing for the Colts after four years with the Patriots. Here's a quote:

“My whole career has been beyond my expectations,” Klecko said. “I’ve been to three Super Bowls in four years. I mean, that’s crazy. That just doesn’t happen. I feel God has put me in these situations and I’m truly blessed to be in these places.

“I’m not taking them for granted.”

Here's the article:

Also, yet another article on Dungy and Smith:

Lastly, an article on Sylvia Hatchell:

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