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Monday, February 26, 2007

college football and Sweeney

Just a few articles today. First, an article about Georgia football player Michael Lemon, who's mother was killed last Wednesday, supposedly by her fiance. The good thing is that he has a good Christian coach at Georgia in Mark Richt to help him through it. Here's a quote about it from Richt:

"We are all saddened by the news involving the untimely death of Michael's mother," Georgia coach Mark Richt said in a statement released by the university.

"We're in the process of determining whatever the NCAA will allow us to do to help him through this difficult time. It may be that what Michael needs is time and people's prayers. We all appreciate whatever people can do to give him both."

Here's the article:

Also, a Q & A article with LSU football recruit Sidell Corley. Here's a quote:

10. If you come to my dorm room a year from now, you’ll see … I’m a neat freak. I’ll have pictures of the most important people in my life — family, sports, God, etc.

Here's the article:

Lastly, an article about the Royals Mike Sweeney, a Christian, about the upcoming season and his role as captain of the team:

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