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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Colts and MLB misc.

First, an article about how some of current Colts head coach Tony Dungy's former players, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch (both Christians), and Ronde Barber felt about him winning the Super Bowl finally. He was the head coach at Tampa for a few years before coming to the Colts. Brooks and Barber are still with the Buccaneers and Lynch is with the Broncos. They were all torn between rooting for Dungy and Lovie Smith, who was one of their coaches under Dungy. Here's a quote from Brooks:

Brooks said even had the Colts not won the week was a success for Dungy.

“Just getting to the Super Bowl, getting him a stage to profess his beliefs where everyone could see, was truly a blessing,” Brooks said.

Here's the article:

Here's a neat article about Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson, a Christian, visiting on an active naval warship:

Next, an article about Scott Thorman, who is replacing Adam LaRoche as the Braves starting 1st baseman this year. Here's a quote from LaRoche about Thorman replacing him. I think that it's neat that LaRoche is rooting for him:

"He's produced at every level, and I think people overlook his defense. He does it a different way, but he's pretty good. I'm pulling for him, I really am."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about former (and hopefully future again) MLB pitcher C.J. Nitkowski, a Christian, and his spring training in Japan. He's playing over there to try and get another chance in the Majors: It's part of a journal thing that he's doing for the Associated Press and it will be posted on his website too ( The website is also posted on this site and I'll post any new articles as I see them.

Lastly, I just thought that I'd mention that here in Indiana we get new license plates this year and the regular plates say "In God We Trust" in big letters on the left side. It's so neat!

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