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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cremins and Mickelson

Only a couple of articles today. First, a Q & A article with former Georgia Tech and current College of Charleston basketball coach Bobby Cremins. Here's a quote from him about why he took his current job:

Q: Have you found something that you really missed while you weren't coaching?

A: Yeah. When I left Georgia Tech, my original game plan was to take one year off and then go right back. And then for some reason, one year led to six. I had a good life. The TV [announcing] was fun and I stayed busy with charity golf outings. But then, when I started to think that I would never coach again, I didn't like that feeling.

And then this thing came out of left field. It's had to be God-sent, the way it happened. The irony when [Winthrop coach] Greg Marshall taking the Charleston job and then going back was incredible. [Cremins had a similar experience with South Carolina in 1993]. The timing? I was hired on July 3rd. They don't hire college coaches on July 3rd. It all has to be a God-send.

Here's the article:

Here's a good story about Phil Mickelson paying for this girl to go to college when her family would not be able to otherwise afford it:

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