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Sunday, March 4, 2007

MLB misc., Colts, and IU

First, I'm really behind. I've had a really busy week this past week and will be just as busy this coming weekend. So I'm trying to play catch up when I can.

Here's an article about Russ Ortiz's (a Christian) chances of making the starting rotation this spring with the Giants:
(originally found at:

Next, a note about Derrek Lee and his daughter:

Derrek Lee rejoined the Cubs on Saturday. He had returned to Sacramento to attend an event at his daughter Jada's school. It was a father-daughter function, and Lee said he promised he would be there.

Here's the article (at the end):

Here's an article about the Colts' and the NFL's image after all the arrests this past season and current off-season:

Also, a note about Lou Piniella being where he was supposed to be while Mark Prior was throwing at 8:30 last Sunday morning:

Piniella missed Prior's throwing session.

"I went to chapel, so I didn't see it," he said.

Here's the article:

Lastly, last night was Senior Night at IU, with seniors Errek Suhr, Earl Calloway, and Roderick Wilmont giving their senior speeches after the game. They wern't televised, but were broadcast, as always, on the radio. Both Calloway and Wilmont thanked God first thing in their speeches. I can't find a transcript, but the audio broadcast can be found on near the upper left corner of this page, under "Senior Speeches":

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