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Sunday, April 15, 2007

MLB and more Zach Johnson

First, an article on Dodgers pitcher Jason Schmidt:,1,3539312.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger&ctrack=1&cset=true (originally found at:

Here's an article about Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton when he hit his first homer for his first hit in his first start. Here's a quote from him:

Despite a tough 5-4 Reds loss in 11 innings, the night will always been memorable for something that was a half-decade in the making.

"I took a few moments tonight to thank the Lord. There's no reason I should be here," Hamilton said. "I just took my hat off a few times in the outfield and just looked around. I was kind of taking it all in. I heard fans screaming at me 'you [stink]' and I laughed at it. You have no idea where I'd been or where I'd come from. You can say anything you want to. It was just an awesome feeling."

Here's the article:

Next, an article about how Orioles 2nd baseman Brian Roberts is selling bracelets to raise money for a children's hospital in Baltimore, and honoring the late community outreach director for the Orioles (I'll include the website link on my list of websites):

Also, an article about Zach Johnson, the guy who won the Masters, going back to work this week. Here's a quote about him and fellow PGA golfer Aaron Baddeley, who is also a Christian (see Baddeley's website:

Defending Verizon Heritage champion Aaron Baddeley, part of a weekly Bible study group that includes Johnson, doesn't expect success to spoil his level-headed friend. "He's just as true as they come," Baddeley said.

Here's the article:

Lastly, an article about Zach Johnson and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I don't think that "expert on religion in sports" knows what he's talking about personally (originally found on the FCA website):

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