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Monday, April 9, 2007


First, a Christian article about Marlins pitcher Taylor Tankersley and remembering a friend:

Next, a Christian article about Indians pitcher Paul Byrd and the Bible:

Here's an article about the players' council formed by the NFL to discuss player off-field behavior, among other things. I don't think that it is coincidental that the group includes at least three Christians: the Eagles Troy Vincent, Colts Jeff Saturday, and Vikings Tony Richardson. Here's the article:

Also, an article about the Colts trip to the White House on April 23rd, two weeks from today:

Lastly, an incredible picture of the Mariners Jose Lopez playing in the snow at Jacobs Field in Cleveland yesterday (Sunday). The entire Mariners/Indians weekend series was postponed because of snow in Cleveland. I'm just glad that I don't live in Cleveland! To see more pictures of the Mariners playing in the snow, click on the double arrow buttons above the picture:;_ylt=AsJGdlE0Y0v2ktDuN6D8ql0_z7QF.

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