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Monday, April 23, 2007

MLB, etc.

First, an article about Braves minor league outfield coach Jim Beauchamp, who is in the hospital being treated for leukemia and how much he's met to the Braves organization:

Next, some more articles about Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton, a Christian. The first is on how well he's been doing so far:

The next article is pretty good in that the writer is saying that the Reds and Hamilton need to make sure that he's not doing too much too fast. Here's a quote from Hamilton:

"I thought I'd be more overwhelmed than I am. There's no reason why I shouldn't be overwhelmed, you know?" Hamilton said. "I pray about it. I ask the Lord to keep me on an even keel and focus on the task at hand. So far, that's the way it's been."

God, family, baseball? someone wonders. "God, family, recovery, baseball," Hamilton said.

Here's the article:

The last Hamilton article is about two humble teammates on the Reds. Ryan Freel said that he would be willing to go back to being a utility player instead of just being the starter in centerfield so that Hamilton can get more at-bats, and Hamilton said that Freel needs to be in the lineup because his bat is important to the team. Here's the article: (originally found:

Lastly, an interesting note about Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko, who I have to say I've never heard of before, being a good Samaritan on his way to church a week ago Sunday:

Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko was late getting to church Sunday, but he had a good reason.

Peko said on Wednesday that he pulled a man out of an SUV that had flipped over on its side as he was on his way to church. The accident occurred in Florence, Ky., at the intersection of Kentucky 18 and Turfway Road.

"I saw him get hit on the side and flip. He was OK," said Peko, who didn't know the name of the man he helped. "I just thank God there were no kids in the car."

Channel 19 news discovered that the man's name was Dean Gregg, 74, from Cannon, Ky.

Here's the article:

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