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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Just a few articles today. The first is about former Texans quarterback David Carr signing with the Panthers:

Next, a good article about MLB umpires Bob Davidson and Sam Holbrook visiting kids at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore as part of the umpires' Big League BLUE Reach organization. It just goes to prove that umpires/referees are human too! Here's the article:

Also, an article about a couple of Red Sox wives, Shonda Schilling (wife of Curt Schilling) and Dawn Timlin (wife of Mike Timlin), once again running in the Boston Marathon to raise money for charities:

Lastly, a couple of Christian athletes websites that I found. The first is a MySpace website for C.J. Nitkowski, who is pitching in Japan this season:

The other is for LPGA golfer Tracy Hanson: I have/will add these two sites to my links.

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