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Friday, May 25, 2007

lots of MLB misc.

First of all, a couple of articles about the retirement of former Yankees pitcher Aaron Small. Here's a quote from him about his decision to retire at the end of spring training with the Mariners this year:

“The Mariners asked me to go to Tacoma, but I didn't feel like it was right,” Small said in the Newsday story. “I did a lot of praying about it and felt like God was leading me to [retire]. I’m at 100 percent peace with my decision and haven’t looked back since.”

The first one is a Christian article: That article has a link to this article:,0,1505062.story?coll=ny-baseball-headlines.

Here's an article about the A's Nick Swisher cutting his hair after he grew it out so that it could be made into wigs for women with cancer. His inspiration is his grandmother, who died from cancer. Here's the article:

I found that article on the MLB in the Community page:

Also on that same page can be found an article about some of the Red Sox wives, including Shonda Schilling (Curt Schilling's wife) and Dawn Timlin (Mike Timlin's), riding in a cycling event to raise money for ALS:

Here's an article about Giants pitcher Russ Ortiz, a Christian, being demoted to the bullpen and how he took it. Here's a quote about it:

Russ Ortiz spent part of Sunday morning reminding teammates to attend chapel services. This reflected the maturity and grace with which he handled his reassignment to the Giants' bullpen.

Here's the article:

Here's an article about another former Yankee, Bernie Williams, speaking at the Iona College graduation. Here's a good quote from what he said:

..."No matter what you choose to do in life ... you are going to be in a position to make an impact on somebody's life."

Here's the article:

Next, another athlete in the Christian music business, former MLB pitcher Kent Bottenfield. Here's his website where you can listen to samples from his songs and more:

Lastly, in honor of John Smoltz's (a Christian) 200th career win last night, here's a quiz about him:

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