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Thursday, May 31, 2007

MLB charity, etc.

First, an article about Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo raising money for affordable housing for injured veterans after they return home:

Here's another Memorial Day article, this one about former Indians Hall-of-Fame pitcher Bob Feller and his military service during World War II:

Next, an article about Indians right fielder Trot Nixon's (a Christian) first return to Fenway Park in Boston Monday, after having played for the Red Sox for several years:

Here's an interesting article about what Braves clubhouse workers do to dirty up baseballs for use during games:

Also, an article about Yankees catcher Jorge Posada raising money to help out families who have children born with Craniosynostis like his son was:

Lastly, an article about Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood donating money from his annual charity bowling tournament to Cubs 1st baseman Derrek Lee's foundation to find a cure for the disease that has afflicted his daughter:

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