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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Barfield, Floyd, Ward, and Hoeppner

First of all, an article about Indians 2nd baseman Josh Barfield, a Christian, turning around his season after a slow start:

Next, another note about Cubs outfielder Cliff Floyd and his dad:

Get well soon: Floyd was going to visit his father at the hospital after Thursday's game. C.C. Floyd remained in the intensive care unit.

His father's situation has prompted Floyd to take precautionary steps with his health, and get his blood pressure and cholesterol tested regularly. His father needed a kidney transplant at the age of 34. Cliff is 34 now.

"I'm doing precautionary stuff, because if it's meant to be here, I know what to expect, I know how to deal with it," Floyd said.

His family and others have helped him deal with his father's illness.

"My pastor gave me a great message about things being in your hands, and things not being in your hands," Floyd said. "I've been able to clear my mind and I can sleep better. My dad, he's a fighter. If he doesn't make it, it's not because of his fight."

Floyd missed three of the Cubs games in Atlanta to be with his father, and has a three-game road trip next week in Texas. It's perfect timing to be playing the White Sox next weekend -- it's a road series but he'll be home.

Here's the article:

Also, an article about former NBA player and Rockets assistant coach Charlie Ward, a Christian, becoming the assistant basketball coach at a Christian high school in Houston:

Lastly, an article about IU football coach Terry Hoepnner taking a leave of absence this season for health reasons because his cancer has returned. Offensive coordinator Bill Lynch will take over as head coach for at least this season. Hoeppner and his family could definitely use some prayers it sounds like. Here's a quote about Hoeppner and his family in a press release from his wife Jane:

"For the past several months, Terry has received chemotherapy and radiation treatments," a statement from Hoeppner's wife, Jane, said. "This battle requires us to focus our energy and attention on aiding his recovery in every way we can. The faith we have in God more than sustains us and grows stronger every day. Our family is confident that Bill and the staff will do a great job this season."

Here's the article:
I'll send along more news about Hoeppner as I can.

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