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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

mostly MLB misc., etc.

First of all, an excellent Christian article on Mississippi State pitcher Justin Pigott. Mississippi State beat Clemson to make it to the College World Series. It includes an audio quote from him. Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's an interesting article about renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Here's a quote about him:

On a Sunday in January 2006, Andrews was rushed from church to St. Vincent's with a heart attack....

Here's the article:

Next, a quote about Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, a Christian, and his last start:

Did Zambrano stop pointing his finger to the sky in his latest outing June 6? He definitely seemed less emotional. Have the Cubs told him that his super-heightened emotional state for starts is no longer the way to go?-- Dan G., Louisville, Ky.

Actually, Zambrano did point -- it's his way of thanking God -- but you must have missed it. A Milwaukee reporter actually asked me about that during the game. As for his emotions, Zambrano has had a tough few days, with his birthday blowup in the dugout and tearful meeting with Barrett the next day. Let's hope he can channel his energy into his pitching.

Here's the article:

Here's an article about former boxer, etc. George Foreman and the his new Christian book that was just published:

Also, an article about former Falcon Greg Brezina and how he became a Christian and changed his life: (originally found at:

Here's an interesting article about the Brewers Gabe Gross, a Christian, and his career as a quarterback at Auburn before switching to only baseball, and other two sport stars on the Brewers:

Next, an article about Cubs outfielder Cliff Floyd and his dad, who's in very poor health in a hospital ICU. That family could probably use some prayers, especially with Father's Day coming up on Sunday. Here's a quote from him about that:

Floyd has not played for the Cubs since Thursday in Atlanta, and had returned to Chicago over the weekend to be at his father's side. Is it hard to concentrate on baseball?

"It's not hard," Floyd said. "My mind is on winning. I can leave my dad where he is. You do a lot of praying and talking to the man upstairs and know it's out of my control. Me sitting there is a good thing because I can keep my eye on things, but in terms of him getting better, it won't help.

"Believe it or not, being around the boys has helped me tremendously," he said of his teammates.

Here's the article:

Here's an article that I came across just today about Ta'Shia Phillips, who finished her basketball career at Brebeuf Jesuit High School in the Indianapolis area this past season. She won the Marion County High School Female Athlete of the Year Award. At the height of 6'6", she might be one to watch for next year at Xavier. Here's a quote about her from her high school coach Kendall Kreinhagen, when nominating her for the award:

"It's called the County Athlete of the Year, but you've got to look at them as student-athletes, and that's what Ta'Shia is," Kreinhagen said. "She excels on the floor but she also excels off the floor in the community. She helps out through her church, mentoring in youth basketball, and she did what it took to help out our younger players by staying after practice with them.

"She gives back."

Here's the article:

Lastly, a Christian audio interview with Astros 3rd baseman Morgan Ensberg on Sports Spectrum Radio: Also, here's a link to the Sports Spectrum Insider blog:

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