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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sports misc. and more Coach Hep

First of all, an article about Red Sox pitcher Matt Clement's (a Christian) rehab from shoulder surgery:

Perhaps September for Clement: Manny Ramirez walked around the clubhouse before Monday's game with a Red Sox T-shirt that had Matt Clement's last name and number 30 on the back of it. However, Clement himself has been out of sight to his teammates since Spring Training, as he's been forced to rehab in the solitude of Fort Myers, Fla.

That will change when the Red Sox return home from this nine-game road trip. At that time, Clement will be at Fenway, where he can get checked out by the medical staff and do some throwing under the watch of Francona and pitching coach John Farrell.

Clement still has a long way to go in his comeback from rotator cuff and labrum surgery, but he continues to make progress. He recently started throwing off the mound, thought not at full intensity or velocity.

Before the Red Sox go on their next road trip, Francona said that there would be a meeting with Clement to outline the next phase of his rehab.

"I would say in September he's probably going to be getting close," Francona said. "I don't even know if I mean the beginning of September. Come the middle of September, if the time frame holds, he'll probably be getting close to getting in a game. He seems to be flying through this program. ... They have those charts, and he's at the top of every one of them as far as what he's doing. He's done a great job. You can only go so fast."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about a foundation that Tennessee football head coach Phillip Fulmer helps support that helps families with teenagers who are suicidal or depressed:

Next, an article about PGA golfer Aaron Baddeley and his Christian faith from before last Sunday's final round of the U.S. Open: (Originally found at:

Here's an inspirational article about Brewers Triple-A Nashville Sounds pitcher Adam Pettyjohn and his attempt to return to the Majors after almost dying from a bowel disease:

The next three articles are all about Terry Hoeppner. I've read through some articles about him and am including what I think are the best ones here. I'm sure that there will probably be more the next several days though. By the way, there's going to be a "Celebration of Life" for him Saturday at noon at Assembly Hall, the basketball arena at IU.

One thing that I thought of today that's kind of made me wonder was that last summer Northwestern football coach Randy Walker died. Before going to Northwestern, he was the head coach at Miami of Ohio. One of his assistants while there was Terry Hoeppner, who replaced him as head coach when he left. Hoeppner coached at Miami until he left to take the job at IU. Kind of strange that they died in consecutive summers while coaching at their next jobs.

The first article about Coach Hep is a good article from an IU student's perspective:

Next, an article about Hoeppner's legacy at IU, and includes links to two Indianapolis news video segments:

Lastly, an article about his death and comments from people at IU and the Big Ten, and about the groundbreaking for construction to close in one end of the football stadium, that was held yesterday as planned at the insistance of the Hoeppner family. They thought that he would want it that way, and the family attended it. He had worked to convince the university to do it to add more seats to the stadium. Here's a quote that I like from IU athletic director Rick Greenspan:

“Terry never quit, he just ran out of timeouts.”

Here's the article:

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