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Friday, November 16, 2007

college sports, MLB, NFL, etc.

Hi. I'm trying to play catch up again. The first article is about Indiana high school basketball player Tyler Zeller, a Christian, committing to playing for North Carolina starting next year. He turned down IU, Purdue, and Notre Dame, which is were his older brother Luke, also a Christian, plays. Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's a Christian article by Lee Warren about Nebraska volleyball player Tracy Stalls:

Next, a couple of articles about MLB players trying to help out in their native Dominican Republic after tropical storm Noel devastated the island. Those that were helping and asking for help were the Mets Pedro Martinez and Moises Alou ( and Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo (

Here's a good Christian article about former Nebraska football head coach and current interim athletic director Tom Osborne: Also, here's the website, included in the article, for the TeamMates Mentoring Program that he and his wife started:

Also, a couple of articles about the late Cowboys chaplain John Weber, who died November 1st following a hear attack. The first article is about his funeral in Dallas, which those who attended included many current and former Cowboys, including defensive lineman Greg Ellis, a Christian, and quarterback Tony Romo. Football broadcaster Pat Summerall also attended. Here's that article:

The other article about Weber article is a good article written by a Cowboys website columnist about his friendship with Weber and the funeral: (

Next, another article about Lions quarterback Jon Kitna, a Christian. The writer of the article seemingly is not a Christian, but she still takes a positive approach to Kitna's outspoken Christian beliefs. I thought that this statement by the writer in the article was very interesting:

Some fancy Kitna as a religious zealot, but if having strong faith is the worst thing we can say about a professional athlete, maybe we're the ones who need to reevaluate our priorities.

I don't agree that being a Christian is a bad thing off course, but even if you're not a Christian, there are athletes doing and saying things on and off the field of play that should be seen as worse by non-Christians. Here's the article:

Here's an article about Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson and the Fight for Life Foundation that he started to encourage education and wellness in kids:

Also, an article about a football player at Landmark Christian High School in Atlanta, Walter Lenard, and how his extended family has helped him:

Next, an article about the Gardner-Webb men's basketball team's unbelievable upset at Kentuckty last week. Gardner-Webb is a Baptist school in North Carolina. They went on to play in the next round of the tournament that they were in last night, but they were beat in New York by Connecticut. Here's the article about the celebration back on their campus after the game last week:

Lastly, a couple of Christian notes from Sports Spectrum's The Daily this week. The first is about retired LPGA golfer Betsy King, and the missionary work that she's doing to help orphans in Rwanda:

KING KEEPS GIVING: Betsy King put together a Hall of Fame career on the golf course. Put now that she has mostly retired from the game, she is using her fame, her contacts in the golf world, and her Christian faith to do something of much more eternal value. She has created an organization called Golf Fore Africa, which is a mission to Rwanda to assist the children of that war-ravaged, disease-torn country. Recently, King and several others LPGA golfers returned from a visit to this tiny African country just east of Congo . King has teamed up with World Vision to provide essential services to the suffering folks of Rwanda . One of the major problems King is trying to address is the huge numbers of orphans. There are an estimated 1.3 million of them in a country of 9 million people. An atrocious attack on the Rwandan citizens by ruthless warriors in 1994 is one of the reasons for these orphans. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Also, AIDS has taken thousands of other parents from their children. If you wish to help King in her efforts, go to to find out more.

Here's the webpage:

The other note is about a Christian outreach at tomorrow's Ohio State/Michigan game that' being run by a Christian former football player from both schools:

RIVALS NO MORE: Shawn Lazarus played football for the University of Michigan. Joel Penton played football for the Ohio State University. That should make them . . . brothers? Well, the fact that they suited up for rival schools doesn't make them brothers, but their shared faith in Jesus Christ does. And they want others who relish the rivalry to join them in knowing the freedom of salvation. So they have teamed up to form Rivals Team Up, which will have a presence in Ann Arbor on Saturday when the Buckeyes roll into town to face the Wolverines at the Big House. While 111,000 people or so will have their minds set on enjoying another reenactment of one of college football's favorite border wars, Penton and Lazarus will be trying to tell some of those people about winning the most important battle ever-the battle for the human soul. Find out more about what these two former rivals and their friends have in mind. Go to to find out more.

Here's the webpage:

More tomorrow!

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