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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Post #1: MLB, football, etc.

Hi. I'm back. Sorry that I haven't been able to post all week, but I've just been too busy. Friday night I did go to a Jeremy Camp concert, which was awesome. I strongly recommend seeing a concert of his if you ever have the chance. Now for some articles, etc.

First, an article about Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, a Christian, who came back from having cancer treatments last fall to pitch this season. He started Game 4 of the World Series, winning the decisive game of the Series for the Red Sox. Here's a quote about his comeback from cancer from teammate and fellow Christian pitcher Mike Timlin:

"This is going to sound funny," said Boston reliever Mike Timlin. "But God blessed Jon Lester with cancer just to show a lot of people that you can overcome something that's so hard in your life you think, 'I'm not gonna make it.' He's going to be able to take his faith in God and the strength God gave him and tell a lot of other people a great story."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's a blog post by former Cardinals pitcher Mike Maroth, a Christian, about his off-season so far. Here's a quote from him about being released by the Cardinals, being a free agent, and not knowing what the future holds:

... So, we'll see where God takes our family now. That will be the hardest part, waiting. We have been praying for the wisdom and guidance we will need to navigate through free agency and to choose a team that is where God wants us to be. We are anxious to see him work it out and lead us in a new direction. We trust Him to protect us and provide for us just like he has always been faithful to in the past.

Here's the blog post:

Next, an article about Cardinals outfielder So Taguchi, a Christian, doing some broadcasting for a Japanese TV station during the World Series: (originally found at:

Here's a good Christian article about Browns runningback Jason Wright and how he has learned about humility:

Also, a Christian article about the entire football team at Missouri Southern State University attending a revival at a local church and about how it effected the team and the church:

Here's an interesting Christian article about whether or not God cares who wins athletic events: (originally found at:

Next, an article about Athletes in Action (AIA) and its history: (originally found at:

Here's a note about NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson donating his earnings of $349,000 from his win on October 28th win in Atlanta to the relief effort for the wildfires in the San Diego area. The owner of the race track in Atlanta and his main sponsor Lowe's both matched his contribution. Johnson is from the San Diego area himself. Here's the note:

Also, a note about Reds coach Johnny Narron, a Christian, not being brought back by the team next season. This is significant because he was also a mentor/confidant for Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton, also a Christian, who was playing in his first season back in baseball after coming back from drug abuse and MLB suspension. I just pray that a player or coach on the team will be able to replace at least some of what Narron did for Hamilton last season. Here's the article:

Lastly, a Christian article about former Titans offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, his career, and his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last summer:

More later.

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