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Monday, November 12, 2007

NFL, music, and MLB

Hi. I'll try and send these articles as I have time tonight. The first article is about Colts punter Hunter Smith, a Christian, and his Christian music group Connersvine, which is a duo along with Chris Wilson. They released their first album last month. Here's a quote from Smith about where the group's name comes from, which I thought was interesting (I double-checked, and the group's name is misspelled in the article):

The duo's unusual name was inspired by a friend at church who gave them some fresh tomatoes, grown by his son Connor, thus coming from Connor's vine.

"We looked at other names, but Connorsvine kept coming back," Smith said. "We felt like it had a great meaning behind it -- the whole idea of a young man with childlike faith who planted seed and reaped a harvest and was bearing fruit."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's an article about former NFL player Harry Swayne, who is now the team chaplain for the Bears, talking about his career and his work now:,0,6683853.story (originally found at:

Next, an article about Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya and the serious shoulder injury that he suffered and required surgery to fix. He hurt his shoulder while trying to get somethings out of the attic at his parents' house in the San Diego area before they had to evacuate because of the wildfires. The injury was so serious that it's unknown how well he will come back from it. Here's a quote from him about it:

"It's in God's hands now," Zumaya said, "and I have faith."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's an article about Lions kicker Jason Hanson and Broncos kicker Jason Elam, both Christians, and the success that they've had in the NFL. The article also mentions Ravens kicker Matt Stover, also a Christian. Here's the article: (originally found at:

Lastly, an article by this sports writer in Colorado who doesn't agree with the Rockies being a Christian-run team. He said that the Rockies lost the World Series because "Apparently God is not a Rockies' fan after all." Whatever! I completely disagree with this guy, but I thought that I would include the article: (originally found at:

Sorry that this is so short, but I'll post more tomorrow hopefully.

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