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Thursday, December 6, 2007

MLB, NBA, football, and lots of Tim Tebow

Hi. I'm going to post some tonight and finish getting caught up this weekend hopefully. The first article is one about Phillies shortstop and new NL MVP Jimmy Rollins, a Christian, donating computers and launching a computer lab at a high school in Philadelphia: (originally found at:

Here's another article about Lakers guard Derek Fisher, a Christian, taking less money to play with the Lakers so that he would be in a city that could provide the medical treatment that his daughter needed for cancer. He was nominated for the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award for that, but Packers quarterback Brett Favre won the award on Monday. Here's the article:

Next, an article about Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, a Christian, winning the 2007 Tony Conigliaro Award, which is given annually to a Major League player who has "overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination and courage." Lester overcame cancer last winter to make a successful return to pitching with the Red Sox. Here's the article:

Here's a good Christian article about SEC football referee Steve Shaw, a Christian, and how important integrity is on and off the field (includes a video and quiz about college football rules):

Also, an article about Baylor naming former Houston head football coach Art Briles, a Christian, as its new head coach. Here's a couple of quotes about Briles:

"My charge to Director of Athletics Ian McCaw was to locate a championship caliber head football coach who embraced Baylor's Christian mission, and could lead, inspire and win with integrity," said Baylor President Dr. John M. Lilley. "Ian has done an outstanding job and brings forward in Art Briles a person who can begin a new era for Baylor University football." ...

"Art Briles embodies all of the qualities that we seek in our head football coach," said Baylor Director of Athletics Ian McCaw. "He is a Godly man who believes in the Christian mission of the institution, and demonstrates great personal character, integrity and commitment to education. ..."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Next, another article on murdered Redskins safety Sean Taylor, this one from the Christian Sports Blog about how Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs, a Christian, knows that Taylor was a Christian. Here's a quote from Gibbs about Taylor:

"He had a growing relationship with the Lord and the reason why I say that, I didn't spend a lot of time talking to him about that, but I witnessed his life, but Brett Fuller, who is one of our chaplains, I want everybody here to know that we have the greatest group of guys working with us. We have Brett, Lee (Corder) and Jerry (Leachmen) working with the coaches and then the players. Brett had spent a lot of time with Sean over the last couple of years. Brett has handled the coaches here when he came and spoke to us earlier yesterday his feeling is that Sean had a great relationship with the Lord and he feels like he (Sean Taylor) has gone home."

Here's the article:

Here's a few articles about Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Tim Tebow, a Christian. The Heisman Trophy Awards show is on Saturday at 8:00 Eastern on ESPN. First, an article from an interview with him. Here's a quote of the first question asked ("MM" is the interviewer Meghan McMahon):

MM: What role has your Christianity played in your athletic career and your life, and how has it been tested in college?

TT: My faith has played a huge role. It's the No. 1 thing in my life, above school and football. Being a Christian totally changes your perspective on life, priorities, and how you treat people. Really, it's a guideline for how you live your life, even in football and school. It does get tested every day with stuff at college, but growing up in a strong Christian family and having positive influences has really helped me stay grounded.

Here's the article:;_ylt=AiP44jbwRiBW5Zpi.537stA5nYcB?slug=uwire-interviewtalkingtotebow&prov=uwire&type=lgns.

Next, an article from another interview with Tebow. Strangely enough, it's an interview of the Florida quarterback on a sports radio show in Houston and printed on an University of Arkansas sports website. Go figure. Anyways, here's a couple of quotes, the first one about Tebow's broken non-throwing hand, which he suffered in their last regular-season game:

Sean & John: I have heard the news last week. Let me ask you, how’s the hand?

Tebow: It’s doing fine. It is healing, it is casted up, and it will be off in a few weeks. It’s not a big deal; I guess that’s why God gives us two hands.

The other quote is about the "H word", which the interviewer means as the "Heisman Trophy", but Tebow takes a different view of it:

Sean & John: Speaking of relationships did you ever get the chance to talk with former Gators quarterback Danny Wuerffel about the expectations placed on a University of Florida quarterback even the “H word”?

Tebow: I have had the chance to talk to him and about the H word, I don’t know if it’s the same word your are talking about. We talk more about humility. He is a great guy and it has been fun getting to know him.

Sean & John: Well that was the word I was talking about…humility. Tim, I don’t know what you are thinking about.

Well, we’ll stay away from using the exact word. We know the team’s accomplishments are what motivate you above all else. However, what would it mean to you, being in consideration for the most prestigious award in college sports, what would it mean to bring the Trophy home to Florida?

Tebow: It would mean a lot and it is such an honor just to be mentioned with that award. The opportunity to go would be a huge honor and it would mean a lot. I grew up watching guys like Danny Wuerffel and other guys like that who’ve won it. It would mean a lot and again it is such an honor to be mentioned.

Here's the article (you might have to go to the print version to read the whole interview): (originally found at:

Here's a good Christian article about Tebow that I included another time, and was reprinted from the Florida Baptist Witness since Tebow's up for the Heisman: (originally found this time at:

Also, a couple of news articles about Tebow, the first about his being named a finalist for the Heisman Trophy:;_ylt=AtDfdPs7iG8iz8pBZXZC0nE5nYcB?slug=ap-heismanfinalists&prov=ap&type=lgns. The other article is about him winning the the Maxwell Award, given to the nation's best all-round player, and the the Davey O'Brien Award, given to the nation's top quarterback, tonight:

Lastly, here's a short article with five reasons why former Florida Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel, also a Christian, thinks that Tebow should win the Heisman:

It's been 11 years since a Florida quarterback won the Heisman Trophy, as Tim Tebow is in the running to do Saturday. The last Gators passer to pull that off, 1996 winner Danny Wuerffel, gives us five reasons Tebow is deserving of college football's top individual honor:
1. He ran for 22 touchdowns this season; it would have taken me 20 years to rush for 22 touchdowns.
2. He cares more about impoverished kids at the Tebows' orphanage in the Philippines than winning the Heisman Trophy.
3. Tebow is the only person I know that scares Jack Bauer.
4. He is a very humble and soft-spoken Christian man and yet he still has as much fun as Brett Favre on the field.
5. He is the second-rated passer in college football this season – and he's built like Brian Urlacher.

Here's the article:

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