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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ahlfeld, L.T., and Bowden

Here's a few more articles. First, an article about IU walk-on basketball player Adam Ahlfeld. I think that he shows what the spirit of sports is all about. He rarely plays, but he knows what his role on the team is and does it without complaining. Here's the article:

Next, a good article on LaDanian Tomlinson and the person that he is:

Lastly, an article on Bobby Bowden before his College Football Hall of Fame induction. Here's a quote from Bowden's book The Bowden Way: 50 Years of Leadership Wisdom, written with his son Steve:

In "The Bowden Way," Bobby listed his four priorities, in descending order: God, Family, Others, Football.

Here's the article:

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