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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More on the Heisman

Hi again! Today I only have a few things, and the first two are about Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith. The first is the impact of how Smith was able to overcome his childhood to succeed has had on others. Here's the article:

The second is the effect that the Heisman has had on Smith:

Lastly, a great note from yesterday's "The Daily", a daily Christian sports page:

• LaDainian Tomlinson isn’t simply destroying the record book. He’s destroying a myth that should have been jettisoned by thinking people long ago. This myth is that Christian athletes are too soft to be effective. Surprisingly, there are still folks with positions in the sports world who think that is still true. Occasionally, a coach will make that old-fashioned, antiquated assumption about a player. Or perhaps a sportswriter who unfortunately has not enjoyed the remarkable transformation Jesus can make in a life will berate a player because of his faith—suggesting that this Jesus stuff leaves a player too wimpy to be any good as an athlete. But add Tomlinson to the list of Christian athletes who not only excel at their sports with power and courage and ability and drive but who also show how a good person should live his life. Add his name to a list that includes men like Shaun Alexander, Albert Pujols, David Robinson, John Smoltz, Kurt Warner, Curtis Martin, Lance Berkman, Mariano Rivera, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Matt Hasselbeck. Men like these continue to lead the way, demonstrating that top-of-the-line skills, gritty performances, championship-caliber drive, and stop-at-nothing work ethic are not the sole provinces of the cussing, tobacco-chewing, womanizing crowd. A man can be a Jesus-loving, people-respecting, God-fearing person and a world-class athlete who strikes fear into the heart of the opponent—all at the same time. Thanks, LT, for leading the way this season.

Here's the page it's from:

Here's the main link to "The Daily":

Also, make sure and check out the links that I added for Christian sports organizations. Another day soon I hope to add links to the hompages of some Christian athletes.

Thanks again for reading. Talk to you again tomorrow!

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