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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NFL, Red Sox, and other articles

Hi. Here's the latest articles that I've read to be posted. First, an article about J.D. Drew and his going to the Red Sox. Sometimes I'm not sure what to think about him, but here's a good quote from him:

"I grew up in church all my life," he said. "My parents were very deep in their faith and that's the way our family was raised and that's the way I'm raising my family. I've always given 100 percent and been a team player. I love playing baseball. I understand the gift I've been given and I've never taken that gift for granted. Baseball is very important to me but my faith and my family come first."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about the Pacers Al Harrington donating a boxing ring to a children's group:

Here's a good article about "Big Papi" David Ortiz donating money that he raised to pay for heart surgeries for poor children in his native Dominican Republic. Here's a couple of quotes from him:

"I am Dominican and I am always representing you in everything I do," Ortiz told a gathering of countrymen and women earlier this week at the Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo. "I am here to show the world that we have good people. Every time I am here, you receive me with so much care and love. I am really proud to be Dominican, to be one of you. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to represent such a beautiful people."

And here's what he had to say to some baseball prospects at the Red Sox Academy in the Dominican:

"We are all on the same team and it's a beautiful experience to be here," Ortiz told the prospects during the ceremonial conference at the academy. "I was like you. I wish I could still be that age, but every year I am getting more and more experience and wiser. I think God gives you time on earth, gives you life so you can learn from your experience."

"Life is about development, about growing," he continued. "I think there is nothing impossible if you take the right path. I think it is important for you to take the right path. When you get to the level I am, and I know you will, that you remember my words. Respect your people, your family, your parents and your country. Make them proud. Be a good example and do the things God wants you to do. God never leaves you."

Here's the article:

Also, an update on the progress of the Bengals David Pollack from a broken vertebrae in his neck. He's a Christian athlete. Here's the article:

Here's a good article about Colts coach Tony Dungy and the Super Bowl:

Tomorrow I will list some Christian sports sites to check out. Thanks for reading!


WINTER said...

Hey, Rena! (It's me, Season!) I go by "Winter" here on blogspot. Welcome! It'll be nice to have a friend who writes about sports. ;o)

Rena Ball said...

So do you like it? I liked it better here because I don't think that you have to be a member of Blog Spot to be able to reply to blogs. I didn't realize who you were at first. I was like Winter? Who's that? So you picked a season. Is it your favorite season? Mine if fall. Nice weather, beautiful leaves on the hills around here. Thanks for finding me!

WINTER said...

Yeah, in my opinion, blogspot is the best. I like that a person doesn't have to have an account to post here, plus there's so many fun things you can do to your page, if you want.

Yes, winter is my favorite season. ;o)

Rena Ball said...

Like what can you do? Anything that I haven't yet? I'm still trying to work with my pages some.

WINTER said...

I don't know. I redo mine all the time because I can and because I like change. ;o) Have you looked at my blog?

Rena Ball said...

I checked out your blog and added a "Cbox" to mine too. That's a cool idea. The only thing that I liked a lot better about My Space was that you could add music to your homepage. I haven't seen anything like that on here. Oh well.