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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

reason for this blog

Hi, all. I'm starting this blog to post interesting things about Christian athletes, coaches, etc. I'll include articles and other things that I come across on this page. I also will include inspirational articles and other articles that I just think are good. If you find other articles and things, you can send them and I'll post them too. I'm trying out different blog sites, and hopefully this one will work.

The first article that I'm going to post is this one about Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith from Ohio State. If you didn't hear his Heisman speech, check it out on Here's an article about his childhood:

Also, here's an article about Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. I think that it's neat that he wants to make sure and put the team first, not his injury. Here's the article:

Well, I hope that you enjoy my blogs! Bye for now!

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