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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Colts and IU/Purdue jokes

Hi. Here's a couple of articles from back in November. First, an article from an interview with Colts owner Jim Irsay. Here's a long quote:

Many figures in the sports world have superstitions and rituals. Irsay has a sort of ritual himself.

"One thing I always do is pray, I do. I don't pray for the outcome, I don't pray for victories, but I pray, you know, just for God's guidance and strength. I pray for our players and I pray to be just an instrument of God, because I know that if things don't go well then it's my time as an owner, you know, to be there."

He has been there as a husband to wife Meg and father to three daughters. But Irsay is the first to admit he has had his share of challenges in life. His victory in the game of life: his faith.

"Often times the seasons of suffering is what can make you or break you. It can make you closer to God."

It has been a steady journey to God since childhood. For the first time the Colts owner opens up about the biggest tragedies of his life. Watching his sister die in a car accident and witnessing his seriously handicapped brother pass away, those moments define Jim Irsay.

"Having gone through and been through what Tony Dungy had to go through with his son and as a father you really understand that. And having lost a sister and a brother you can relate how difficult that is. I think when you're a young kid and you see your brother and what your brother goes through, see your sister die, that you get at a crossroads. You have to somehow reconcile what is happening in order to move on or you can be crushed just by the whole ordeal of tragedy."

Irsay says the best moments for him are on Sunday because they include family, football, and faith.

"That's the guiding thing for me and when the day is done that's what carries me through. It's amazing how faith can deliver you through tough times," Irsay said.

Here's the article:

The other article has some great Purdue and not so great IU jokes. I guess it's some equal opportunity slams here. The article came out the week of the big IU/Purdue football game where they play for the Old Oaken Bucket. Here's the article:

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