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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christian music downloads

Hi. Here's some information about downloading Christian music. I know it's after Christmas now, but Aaron Shust's version of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is available to download for free from his website:

Also, there are some Christian songs available to download for free at this CCM site:

A couple of good sites for downloading Christian music are SongTouch and SongTouch is all Christian music and is the site that I always check 1st for songs. has Christian and secular music, and has some songs/artists that SongTouch doesn't have. So I check if I can't find a song on SongTouch.

Lastly, feel free to give information or your opinions about anything Christian music (songs, artists, concerts, etc.). The more the better.


WINTER said...

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The music is almost hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for the music tips! I actually haven't seriously listened to music in so long (aside from the occasional radio), and I'm excited to get back into it all. I bought my first cd for the first time in a few years with my Christmas money! (Can you believe it?!) ;o) Anyway, have fun at your New Year's party!

Rena Ball said...

Yeah, I'm glad that you like it. I thought that I would try to diversify the site a little bit by adding music too. After you had mentioned the music of Shane and Tommy Parker that maybe I'd add that and then some more stuff too. Music is probably one of my biggest loves after sports. I'm listening to Shane right now. He's added a new song! I like to listen to Christian music radio, and we have 2 local Christian stations here and occasional Christian concerts in the area too. I have my favorite artists that I always get their CD's. Then when I hear other songs that I like on the radio, I write down as much info. as I can about the title and artist and then look it up on SongTouch and then Wal-Mart if needed to download it. When I get 15 or so songs saved up to download, I download them and burn them on a CD. So that's a good way to get songs too. What CD did you buy?

WINTER said...

Did you add Tommy Parker to your friend's list? He said he was going to give me his latest demo as soon as he's finished (I didn't even ask).

Anyway, the new cd I bought was non-Christian... I really don't know much Christian stuff that's out since I left Milligan. We don't get Christian radio here on the hill.

Yes, I noticed Paul Emmick has a new song posted. I'd like to think that was my doing, but it probably wasn't. ;o) I recently sent him a note and asked if he'd be posting anything new, and next thing I knew, there's something new. ;o)

Rena Ball said...

No, I didn't add Tommy Parker as a friend yet. His music was pretty good though. I think that Shane/Paul sounds somewhat like Third Day.

I guess that we're pretty lucky to have 2 Christian radio stations that we can get pretty well here. We're inbetween the 2 stations geographically. So it's nice to get the 2 stations. I don't listen to Christian music exclusively, but mostly. I did get a few Christmas albums by secular artists over the last few weeks and I download some secular songs. For the last couple of years I've mostly listened to Christian music. If you want to check out some Christian music, is a good place to try.