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Friday, December 22, 2006

more on Hunt

Hi. There's not much again today. Hopefully I can get caught up some on my reading over the next week and a half that I'm off. Also, I hope to start adding articles that I collected before I started this blog. I added some general Christian websites to the links on the left of this page too. As always, let me know if there are some others that I should add.

Today's articles are two more on the death of Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt. The first is quotes about him from family and friends. Here's a good quote from his wife:

"I would like so much for the grandchildren to know what a truly kind and good man their grandfather was. He loved the Lord in his very quiet way and had such integrity and strength of character in all the things he has done. I hope that they will carry those memories of him with them because those qualities are what has made him such a beloved person."

"He wanted people to love the sports like he did. He loved sports so much, he was so passionate about them and he wanted others to share the joy."-- Norma Hunt, Lamar Hunt's wife.

Here's the article:

The other article is about the kind of person that he was:

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