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Friday, January 12, 2007

sports misc.

Hi. First of all, a couple of articles about IU men's basketball players. The first is about walk-on Kyle Taber and the important roll that he knows he has on the team, even though he plays very sparingly. For example, he played a few minutes at the end of Wednesday night's game against Purdue when IU was up by about 30. Here's the article:

The other article is about starting point guard Earl Calloway. Here's a quote:

To encourage himself, Calloway finds inspiration in his family, friends and motivational literature.

"My father, my mother, a guy named Woody, and another person named Mr. Allen are my biggest influences," he said. "They were with me through the good and bad, and taught me to keep my head up and keep thanking God for the opportunities and blessings that he's disposed upon me.

"I read self empowerment and religious books. I try to instill the lessons in my personal life."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about the Bengals David Pollack's possible return to playing next season after the very successful neck surgery:

Next, a quote about Florida's Chris Leak on the trophy platform during the Gators celebration last Monday night:

After kneeling for a long moment of prayer on that postgame podium, Leak beamed.

Here's the article:

Here's an article about the Astros Craig Biggio's involvement with helping kids with cancer:

Lastly, a quote from Florida's Urban Meyer about the possibility of some of their players going pro after their junior year:

"Our feeling is if it is for the right reasons, God bless you, go get it, we are supporting you," he said. "The one thing about Florida guys from here on out will be very well-educated decisions about whether they go out or not."

Here's the article:

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