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Sunday, March 11, 2007

MLB and other sports misc.

First, an article about Cubs catcher Michael Barrett, a Christian, agreeing to donate money for every home run he hits this year to his teammate Derrek Lee's organization to help find a cure for the disease that Lee's daughter has:

Here's an article about former Cowboy Everson Walls donating a kidney to his former teammate Ron Springs:

Next, an article about Braves shortstop prospect Yunel Escobar and his family. He escaped from Cuba a few years ago, and has been able to help his dad and sister join him in the U.S. He's still working on getting his mom to the U.S. though. Here's a quote from him:

"Sometimes I dream about having my mom here, about being able to be with her again, to have her here with us," Escobar, 24, said through translation by friend Brayan Pena, a Braves catcher and fellow Cuban. "With the help of God, I can make that happen.

"My mom, every time I speak with her she starts crying, because my sister and my father and myself are here. She doesn't know when she'll see us. We try to talk to her every day."

Here's the article:

Here's a good article about Florida basketball player Lee Humphrey, a Christian, and winning the national championship last year, from Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Sharing the Victory Magazine:

Also, another article about Cooper Brannan, the marine turned Padres minor league pitcher:

Lastly, an article about Ty Hudson, a baseball player at Bluffton University from Indiana, by the Indianapolis CBS station . He was injured and didn't go on the team's fatal trip to Florida, but the player who took his place was one of the players killed.
Here's a quote from his grandma about it:

"I'm so grateful to God. I have a strong faith in God and I know that God has more plans for him and that's why he wasn't on that bus," Dorothy said.

Here's the article, which includes a link to a video of the interview:

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