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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

mostly baseball misc.

First, an interesting article on the small-town players on the Butler men's basketball team:

Here's an article on the Angels Howie Kendrick. Here's what he had to say about his grandmother who died last fall:

So I have no regrets now. She told me that it was her time and she wasn't afraid to be going because it was was God's will. She told me that all her work here on earth was done.

Here's the article:

Next, an article about the Red Sox David Ortiz mourning the death of a soldier who visited with him at Fenway Park in Boston last season before he left for Iraq:

Here's an article about Cubs Ryan Dempster teamming up with his teammate Derrek Lee's foundation to donate money for every save this season. The money goes towards finding a cure for the disease that Lee's daughter has. Michael Barrett is already donating for every homer he hits. Here's the article:

Lastly, a good article on pitcher Russ Ortiz's (a Christian) so-far successful return to the Giants:

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