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Friday, March 23, 2007

sports and music misc.

There's not too much today, just a few things. First, an article on Josh Hamilton, the Christian baseball player who's trying to make a comeback in baseball this spring with the Reds: To keep up with how Hamilton is doing, check The Daily from Sports Spectrum on weekdays (near the bottom):

Next, an inspirational note from The Daily about North Carolina State women's basketball coach Kay Yow:

* If you didn't know it, you'd think the biggest battle Kay Yow is facing this week is the Lady Huskies of the University of Connecticut. Indeed UConn is a formidable foe for Yow's North Carolina State Wolfpack women's basketball team as they play in the Fresno Regional. But that battle is nothing compared with Yow's true battle--the battle to stay alive. Kay Yow has cancer, and it's not going away. She's battled it three times, and sadly, it appears to be winning. Yet when you see Yow on TV talking about her basketball team, you see a woman of courage and determination. She understands that she cannot control her circumstances, and as a Christian she knows who is in control. But she does know that she can control how she responds to what is happening. If you get a chance, watch NC State. You'll recognize them. They are the young women who know that no matter how much effort they put out on the court, they can never match the courage of their coach.

Here's the link (page down to find):

Also, Athletes in Action's Beyond the Ultimate website has been changed from the Super Bowl to the NCAA Tournament. Several current and former NCAA men's and women's players and coaches are on the site, including John Wooden, Ruth Riley, Luke Ridnour, Kay Yow, Lorenzo Romar, Clark Kellogg, Ernie Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, and Shanna Zolman:

I've also added some more links to this page. First, the link to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner's (a Christian) First Things First Foundation:

Lastly, I've added links to the Christian music CD Glory Revealed. It's a very good CD that I really recommend. On the main site, one of the songs can be downloaded for free, and then a $5 coupon to print out. Here's the links:
Main site:
MySpace site:

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