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Monday, June 18, 2007

baseball misc. and Hoeppner

First of all, I was watching Rice in the College World Series last night, and I thought that some of the names sounded familiar. I went back and checked the articles that I had sent to you, and found a Christian one on the Rice baseball team from back in April ( It was about juniors Joe Savery, Bobby Bramhall, and Brian Friday. On the bottom of the screen during the game it told when and by whom each of them were drafted: Savery in the 1st round by the Phillies, Friday in the 3rd round by the Pirates, and Bramhall in the 18th round by the Brewers. Here's an article about Savery being drafted: Also, Rice won its 2nd game last night to take the lead in their bracket in the CWS. They get extra time off and wait for the winner of the Louisville/North Carolina game. Rice started and ended the season #1.

Here's a Father's Day article about Orioles 2nd baseman Brian Roberts, a Christian, and his dad:

Next, a Father's Day article about Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson, a Christian, and his kids. I thought that it was neat that he said that he was going to retire in a few years to become a full-time dad. Here's the article:

Here's an article about Red Sox infielder Alex Cora talking to highschoolers about volunteering in their communities this summer:

Also, an article about Giants outfielder Dave Roberts, a Christian, standing ovation in his 1st return to Fenway Park in Boston since the 2004 post-season during the Giants/Red Sox game Friday:

Here's an article about what IU football incoming freshman Jeff Boyd had to say about coach Terry Hoeppner missing the upcoming season because of illness:

"It's going to be weird because (Hoeppner is) who I came to play for," said Boyd, an all-state defensive lineman from Warren Central High School's Class 5A state champions. "But it's still his staff, and I will do the best I can while I keep praying for him and hoping that he can return in good health."

Here's the article:

Next, an article about Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton, a Christian, and throwing runners out at home plate:

Lastly, an article about the Reds players and Father's Day. Here's some quotes from pitcher David Weathers and Josh Hamilton on fatherhood:

To closer David Weathers, being a father is old hat. He is the parent of son Ryan, 7, and daughters Karly, 3, and Ally, 9 months. They're worth more than a thousand saves. Said Weathers: "Being a father is the greatest honor of my life - to have three kids and raise 'em and try to teach them a good Christian way to live and make society better instead of worse. It's the best thing that ever happened to me."

For outfielder Josh Hamilton, who has two daughters, 6-year-old Julia and 21-month-old Sierra, being a parent helps him stay focused on himself as well as his family.

"Being a husband and father reminds me of the responsible person I have to be, the way my dad was when I was growing up," Hamilton said. "Watching him be a man, husband and father - supporting us and taking time with us - showed me how to do it. (The kids) do things that catch me off guard. At one moment, they do something or say something that is absolutely hilarious, and in the next moment they do something that drives me crazy. That's all part of it, learning how to do it. The Lord's helping me with it every day. It's fun.

"The family comes out to the ballpark every night."

Here's the article:

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