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Saturday, June 23, 2007

MLB and football misc.

First of all, a Christian article about new Cardinals pitcher Mike Maroth (traded from the Tigers yesterday) on CBN from two years ago I think: Also, here's a link to more sports articles on the CBN site:

Here's the last article on IU football head coach Terry Hoeppner for now at least. This one is about the Colts back-up quarterback Josh Betts, who played for Coach Hep at Miami (Ohio), head coach Tony Dungy (a Christian), and team president Bill Polian:

Next, an article about Colts tight end Ben Utecht, a Christian, and the upcoming season:

Here's an article about the Mets Julio Franco, a Christian, and his extremely healthy diet:

Also, in case you missed it, an article about a very funny play by Nationals 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman yesterday. He was trying to field a ground ball hit to him when the ball bounced up and went inside his shirt! It will be on blooper videos for years to come for sure. Here's the link to the article, which includes a link to the video of it:

Lastly, the other night I was bored, so I decided to search the internet for different Christian athletes webpages. What I did was first try
www.[player's name].com and then .org. Then if I couldn't find it, I googled their name. I was able to find several, but not all, of the names I tried. I made up a list and am trying a few at a time when I have the chance. I found that I had to be careful sometimes, as sometimes I came up with websites of other people with the same name, or websites about the athlete run by someone else. Here's the ones that I've found so far, which I'll add to my list of links too:

Michael Barrett (Padres catcher):
Jeff Francoeur (Braves rightfielder):
John Smoltz (Braves pitcher):
Mike Maroth (Cardinals pitcher--includes his blog):
Antwaan Randle El (Redskins wide receiver):
Carson Palmer (Bengals quarterback):
Matt Hasslebeck (Seahawks quarterback--includes his blog):

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