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Friday, September 21, 2007

MLB, football, and basketball

First of all, an article about Royals 1st baseman/designated hitter Mike Sweeney, a Christian, and an injury that he suffered last Friday. He ended up being out until yesterday, missing more than he initially thought that he would. The article also mentions that Sweeney will be a free agent after the end of the season and his chances of returning to the Royals next year. Here's what Sweeney has to say about his contract status and possible return to the Royals, which I think is awesome because he's looking out for the good of the team and his teammates first:

Sweeney said neither he nor his agents have had "any communication" recently with general manager Dayton Moore.

"I guess the writing on the wall is to wait until the season is over and give the Royals a chance to evaluate the team, including Billy [Butler] at first base," Sweeney said.

Moore, earlier this week, said Sweeney's status, as well as the other players, will be evaluated at season's end.

"I don't feel like I even deserve for them to negotiate or talk to me at this point," Sweeney said. "With the injuries the last couple of years, I'm not in a position to command any negotiation at this time.

"I'm rooting for Billy to excel at first base to give me a chance to be part of the team. If it doesn't work out, then we have Ross [Gload] and [Ryan] Shealy to do an amazing job at the corner."

If Butler does prove capable of playing first base regularly, that could leave the DH spot open for Sweeney.

"I never would have thought that my future with the Kansas City Royals, after playing here for 13 seasons, would depend on the glove of a 21-year-old kid from Jacksonville, Fla.," Sweeney said good-humoredly.

"But Billy's a very big part of the Royals' future, and it's important that they know which direction to go, whether it be Billy as the DH or as the first baseman. But I'm rooting for Billy, I'm rooting for Ross and I'm rooting for Shealy. If I get thrown into the mix or the equation, then I'll be happy."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about the Nationals taking batting practice at their new stadium last Saturday, which is in the process of being built for next season. Nationals outfielder, Ryan Church (a Christian), was the one who had the idea, so that they could thank the construction workers. Here's the article:

Next, an article about Florida quarterback Tim Tebow's (a Christian) impressive play through the Gators first three games, especially last Saturday against Tennessee:

Here's an article about Tigers closer Todd Jones, a Christian, recording his 300th career save last Sunday and becoming only the 21st player in ML history to reach that mark. The article also includes video of the save:

Also, a great article about a fan, Will Stewart, giving White Sox designated hitter Jim Thome back the ball Thome hit for his 500th and game-winning home run, which I thought was absolutely great. Stewart, who is from Texas, was in Chicago for a conference and decided to go the the White Sox/Angels game on Sunday. After catching the ball, Stewart decided that the ball should go to Thome because of the historical significance of it. He hand-delivered the ball to Thome at a post-game press conference. The White Sox then gave him some signed memorabilia and season tickets for next season. However, Stewart donated the tickets to the charity of Thome's choice, and they will be auctioned off for the Children's Hospital of Illinois. Stewart said that he wouldn't be able to use the tickets since he lives in Texas, but the White Sox are flying him and some friends to Chicago to sit in Thome's box during one of the games against the Cubs next season. Here's the article, which includes a video of Thome's home run:

Statying with the White Sox, here's a short article by a single mom from Chicago and how watching the White Sox both on TV and at the stadium brings her and her two kids, ages 12 and 15, closer, becaue it's something that they can all enjoy together:

Next, a great blog post from Colts head coach Tony Dungy, a Christian, that he ends by discussing the Patriots spying scandal and his thoughts about it and what Colts owner Jim Irsay would think about it too:

Unfortunately, neither our game, or any game, was really the subject of discussion this week in the NFL. Most of the talk centered on the Patriots and their use of illegal cameras on the sideline. As I listened to the commentators, it seemed to me that the thoughts came down to one point. Does it really matter how you do things or is it just the end result you're interested in? The question that kept coming up was "Does this take away from what the Patriots have done?"

I guess it depends on who you're rooting for, but I know how Jim Irsay feels about it and how he runs this organization. As happy and excited as we were to win our Super Bowl, I don't think Jim would have taken any satisfaction in winning if he felt I was breaking the rules to do it. I'm glad I work for an owner who feels that way and not only doesn't put that type of pressure on us to "win at all costs," but would be very upset if we knowingly violated any NFL rules. So I think it does matter how you win and I hope we, as a league, continue to send that message to young players and coaches who are watching us.

Here's the blog post:

Here's an article about a great jesture by Texas A&M football tight end Martellus Bennett. Before committing to A&M, Bennett had verbally committed to U. of Miami, but later changed his mind and stayed in his home state of Texas. When Bennett went on his official visit to Miami, he stayed with then Miami tight end Kevin Everett, and they remained friends even after Bennett decided to go to A&M instead. On September 9th, Everett suffered a life-threatening spinal cord injury while playing for the Bills against the Broncos. Everett has improved greatly and should be able to walk again in the near future, which the doctors initially thought that he would never do again (Here's the latest on Everett: To honor his friend, Bennett got permission to change his number from 13 to Everett's #85 for their game last Saturday. He then got permission to wear it for the rest of the season, including last night at Miami, which A&M lost. Here's the article about Bennett initially changing his uniform number: and here's an article about the number change being permanent:

Lastly, an article about Alabama guard Ronald Steele, a Christian, who is taking a medical redshirt this season to recover from knee surgery and prepare for his senior season next year. Here's a quote from him about it:

"I am someone who tries to approach whatever I do with my best effort, and I know my body," he said in a statement. "At this point in time, I don't believe I will be 100 percent by the start of practice.

"This is something I've put a lot of thought and prayer into. I want to play my best and play an entire season and know I've done everything I can on the court to help Alabama win."

Here's the article:

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