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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NFL, MLB, and basketball

First, a Christian article about former NFL quarterback Jay Schroeder sharing his faith at a church in Utah a couple of weeks ago. Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's an article about Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett holding a celebrity charity bowling tournament to raise money for his Josh Beckett Foundation and Children's Hospital Boston:

Next, an article about Tyler Zeller, a Christian, who is a senior basketball player at Washington High School in Washington, Indiana, and the younger brother of Notre Dame basketball player Luke Zeller, also a Christian. Tyler is one of the top high school players in the country, and has narrowed his college choices down to Notre Dame, IU, Purdue, and North Carolina. At 7'0", he'd be a great addition to any team, but as an IU fan, It would be great if he'd go there! However, I would totally understand if he follows his brother to Notre Dame. Just as long as he doesn't go to IU's arch rival Purdue or North Carolina. Here's a quote from him:

Tyler said his parents taught him the order of life was God, family, school and basketball. "But Luke and I voted to flip the last two," he said.

Here's the article, which also includes a video:

Here's an article about Colts safety Matt Giordano, a Christian, and how he has made the most of his playing time as the back-up safety. Here's a great quote from him about that:

“The best thing right now I can do is when I’m not in there I need to be rooting and praying for those guys,” Giordano said. “In the end, we’re teammates, so that’s what matters. You pray and you hope that no one gets injured.

“If someone goes down, I have to be ready to step up and play at the same level as those guys and as the coaches expect me to play at.”

Here's the article:

Also, an article about Mariners outfielder Raul Ibanez and how leaving the Mariners to play with the Royals for a time helped him out by giving him more playing time. He then returned to the Mariners after a few years as a better player. Here's a quote from him:

I was the 25th guy every season and never really got a chance to play that much. So I was fortunate and blessed to get to Kansas City a few years later where I played for about two and a half years. When I came back here, it was in a totally different role.

Here's the article:

Here's an article about a strange situation during a Yankees/Blue Jays game last week involving Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon. After catching the final out in an inning, a heckling fan offered Damon $20 for the ball. Damon took the $20 bill and then gave it to a boy in the stands. Here's the article, which includes a video of it:

Next, an article about Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, a Christian, and his start against the Cardinals last Friday, which he won for his second straight win. Here's a quote about him and his socks:

Zambrano (16-12) did that and has now matched his career high in wins. He gave up one run, on Albert Pujols' 31st homer, over eight innings. Big Z, who wore his socks high for the second straight start, struck out three. He's 2-0 with the high socks, but he'll be wearing long pants next time.

"I don't believe in superstitions, I believe in God," Zambrano said. "That's the only man I believe. I will go with my long pants my next time. I know God will be there with me."

However, he must have changed his mind between then and his next start Tuesday night, because he wore his socks up again. Ironically, he lost the game to the Reds. Maybe God was trying to send him and others a message about his socks and luck. Here's the article:

Here's an article about a visit by some of the Braves to the White House to meet with President Bush last Friday afternoon while they were in Washigton to play the Nationals. Those that went were general manager John Schuerholz, pitchers John Smoltz (a Christian) and Tim Hudson, outfielder Jeff Francoeur (a Christian), and catcher Brian McCann. Here's the article:

Also, an article about former Giants defensive end George Martin helping to raise money for medical expenses for 9/11 rescue workers in New York with a cross-country walk from New York City to San Francisco. He started the walk last Sunday. Here's the article:

Lastly, an aritcle about A's pitcher Joe Blanton and his mom, a breast cancer survivor. His mom through out the first pitch before the A's game last Saturday, which was Breast Cancer Awareness Day there. Blanton himself was the starting pitcher that day, so both he and his mom shared the mound that day. Here's the article:

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