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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bowdens, MLB, NBA, and music

Hi! First, a good Christian article about Rockies infielder Jamey Carroll from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Sharing the Victory Magazine from last year, since the Rockies are still going in the playoffs (make sure and check out the "Related Stories" link on the upper right side of the article too for more):

Here's a good Christian article about the Christian coaching legacy that Florida State football head coach Bobby Bowden passed down the his son, Auburn football head coach Tommy Bowden:

Next, another article on Jamey Carroll, and his teammate, pitcher Ramon Ortiz, and their unlikely role in the Rockies beating the Padres in a one-game playoff for the NL Wild Card title on October 1st (yes, I'm still behind!). Here's a quote from Ortiz, the game's winning pitcher, about his role in the game:

"I thanked God, I don't know, 100 times. The thing is I stayed positive every day and did my routine. I'm very happy."

Here's the article:

Here's a good blog post from Diamondbacks 1st baseman Tony Clark, a Christian, from last Tuesday about his day off the day before. He was able to spend it going to his kids soccer games and practices, which he's usually not able to do. But how many athletes would spend a rare day off running around going to their kids sports and not doing their own thing. I thought that was neat. Here's the post: With the Diamondbacks and Rockies continuing in the playoffs, you can keep checking both Clark's ( and Rockies 1st baseman Todd Helton's (also a Christian) ( blogs, updated pretty much daily.

Also, an interesting story about Nuggets guard Allen Iverson and some friends stopping to check on an overturned car on a highway in Virginia last week. Iverson asked the ladies, still hanging upside-down in their car if they were okay, and surprisingly they recognized him, even in that situation. Iverson and his friends stayed with the ladies until emergency help arrived, and even checked on them at the hospital later that night. Here's a good quote from a friend of the ladies about Iverson:

Iverson said he has not heard from the women since, but another woman who knew about the accident wrote a letter to the Philadelphia Daily News to commend Iverson for being a good Samaritan.

"We, the public, seem to hear only the negative stories, but never the small acts of kindness he performs," wrote April Snoparsky, of Boston. "This story reaffirms my belief that just because he's 'street' doesn't mean he isn't one of the good guys."

Here's the article:,2777,DRMN_23922_5712295,00.html (originally found at:

Here's an article about Padres outfielder Brian Giles volunteering his time to visit at children's hospitals:

Next, an article about Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb, a Christian, and about how he improved over the second half of the season from his struggles during the first half. The second half of the season he dominated to lead the Diamondbacks to first place in the West and the playoffs. Here's the article:

During one of last weekend's Indians/Yankees games, there was a short segment on former Yankees great Bobby Richardson, a Christian. He was the MVP of the 1960 World Series. In the segment it also mentioned that he is a volunteer speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which I thought was neat.

Lastly, last week I got the 2007 WOW CD, but I haven't had time to listen to it yet. I just thought that I'd share that it does have a website:


savedinsports said...

Thanks for the update on the Rockies...I took your lead. :-)

Rena Ball said...

Well, you'll have to thank FCA actually. They re-posted the Carroll article, and then I posted it. But thanks for the recognition. I had read the first Rockies article from USA Today last year, but not the second one. I printed off both to read/re-read along with your article. I'm looking forward to reading your article!