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Sunday, December 16, 2007

MLB, football, and more Tebow

Hi. I'm going to try and send two posts today, I still have so many articles left. First of all, an article about Pirates pitcher Salomon Torres, a Christian, being traded to the Brewers last week. We don't often think about how trades in sports effect the players and their families, but this article mentions how Torres is considering retirement over leaving Pittsburgh and either moving his family to Milwaukee or leaving them in Pittsburgh. Here's a quote from him about that:

"It's a giant move and I have to make a decision if I want to go forward," Torres told the newspaper. "This is going to change my life, my family's life.

"If I leave them here, they're going to have to be without me for a full year. If I take them with me, they're going to be affected."

Torres said he needed some time before making a final decision.

"I just need to talk to my family," he said. "I can tell you this: If I go to Milwaukee, I'm going to give my heart and soul to the Brewers."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's three articles about the Red Sox Holiday Caravan, which visited several Boston-area children's hospitals in three days. Those that took part in the caravan were pitchers Julian Tavarez, Bryan Corey, Kyle Snyder, outfielder Brandon Moss, bench coach Brad Mills, pitching coach John Farrell, and president/CEO Larry Lucchino. They also brought the World Series Trophy with them too. Here's the article from the first day:, the second day:, and the third day:

Next, an article about Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden, a Christian, signing a new contract with indefinite one-year options last week. Also, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher will succeed him as coach, someday when Bowden retires. Here's the article:

Here's another article about Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, a Christian, about him winning the Heisman Trophy recently and the possibility of him winning one or two more. Here's a quote about how winning the award won't affect him as a person:

The people that know him best don't think he'll have any trouble dealing with life as Heisman winner.

If anything, it will help him because it will allow the message he preaches to reach even more people.

"That's how we see it, as God's plan," Tebow's mother Pam said. "He's just had a plan all along, and Timmy's aware of that.

"All of us will sit on him if he does [have trouble dealing with the expectations]. We remind him all the time God gives grace to the humble. He's given you so much grace, don't blow it now."

Tebow is grounded by his faith, his parents and his boyhood idol, 1996 Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel.

Just listen to how he hopes people will remember him as the 2007 Heisman winner.

"You want people to remember you for the way you won it," Tebow said. "I don't think anybody besides [the media] will probably remember how many touchdowns he [Wuerffel] scored, but everybody remembers him putting his hands together and praying and always being humble and always with the utmost integrity."

Outsiders might be skeptical about Tebow's sincerity, especially when he talks about integrity and being thankful. But Howard is emphatic that Tebow, "is that guy.

"They always look for a flaw. I guess people don't want to have a real American hero. Tim Tebow is the real American hero and he's the real deal."

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Also, another article on Tebow winning the Heisman. Here's a quote from him about an interesting perk of winning the award:

Interestingly, now that he's a Heisman winner, Tebow has a lifetime vote and can cast a ballot for himself in 2008. Is it a definite vote for the Gator quarterback?

"It depends on what I do. I'm not going to be biased," he said without even a hint of a smile.

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's a good article about Jane Hoeppner, the widow of the late IU head football coach Terry Hoeppner, including video of the news segment that the article is about:

Next, an article about the great season that Colts linebacker Gary Brackett, a Christian, is having this year, even though it hasn't been noticed in the Pro Bowl voting:

Here's an article about new Mets catcher Brian Schneider's involvement with ALS fund-raising events, after his grandmother died from the disease:

Also, a note from a blog post from Colts head coach Tony Dungy (a Christian) last week about his tight end Ben Utecht, also a Christian, and his part in a Christian Christmas concert:

On a note away from football, Ben Utecht is performing with Sandi Patty in her Christmas concert with the African Children's choir and is just great in a duet with Sandi. If you get a chance to see the show, it's tremendous.

Here's the post:

Here's an article about Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton, a Christian, being honored with "Josh Hamilton Day" in his home area in North Carolina last week: (originally found at:

Lastly, an article about Reds pitcher Aaron Harang donating money to the Miracle League in the Cincinnati area to help the baseball league for disabled children: (originally found at:

I'll try to post some more articles later to get caught up. Bye for now!

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