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Saturday, February 2, 2008

MLB, Super Bowl, football, etc.

Hi again. Here's the last of the articles that I have read so far. First of all, a wonderful article about new Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, a Christian, and the story of his comeback from drug abuse to the Majors and how important his faith was and is to that. I have read several articles about him, and this is one of the best. I guess the good thing about him being traded from the Reds to the Rangers this winter is that he has a whole new fan base in Texas to tell his story to. One thing that I was glad to read was that his friend and mentor Johnny Narron, also a Christian, was hired by the Rangers as a special assignment coach. Narron helped Hamilton last year with the Reds, and I'm glad to hear that he will do the same with the Rangers. Here's a quote from Rangers general manager Jon Daniels about the conclusion that he came to after doing a thorough background check of Hamilton before the trade:

"... I think there are two things that have played a part in why this attempt at fighting addiction has been successful: Family and faith."

And here's a great quote from the writer at the end of the article:

Because for all the amazing physical tools Josh Hamilton has displayed, the one that has made him a major leaguer is one everybody is capable of developing.

It's faith.

Here's the article: (originally found at:

Here's an article about the celebrity charity basketball game that Tigers outfielder Curtis Granderson held last weekend to raise money for Detroit and Flint (Michigan) public schools: (originally found at:

Next, an article about Indiana Ice forward Will MacDonald of the United States Hockey League (USHL), a minor league team. Last summer, he and his parents were in a serious car accident where his father David was killed. A pickup truck driven by a 20-year-old guy hit them when he crossed the median. The guy was charged with careless driving. Here's what MacDonald, who is only 19 himself, had to say about the guy:

David was an accountant who stayed calm. Will is trying to show he has that level-headed composure, too. He is willing to forgive the 20-year-old driver who hit them and was charged with careless driving.

"We rode in the ambulance together and once we got out, I looked over and he was down on the curb of the sidewalk. He had his head down and was crying," he said. "I wanted to run at him and beat the hell out of him, but at the same time, I felt sorry for him.

"I've prayed about it. I hope, after all this, he can find peace within himself so he can carry on."

Here's the article:

Here's an article about Cowboys linebacker Greg Ellis, a Christian, being added to the Pro Bowl as an injury replacement this week:

Also, an article about Cincinnati quarterback Ben Mauk, a Christian, trying to get an extra year of eligibility after he was injured in the first game of the 2006 season and missed the rest of the season with a serious shoulder injury. He's currently waiting for the NCAA's decision on the matter, and here's a quote about what he's doing until then:

While he waits for the NCAA's decision, Mauk has been completing his graduate work. He's also working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to reach out to youths, using his experiences in football as motivation.

"If I can touch a life by what I say, football is definitely worth it," he said.

Here's the article:;_ylt=AqhmpDG4CgtmCO6aM9wQ3t9.T4h4?slug=ap-cincinnati-mauk&prov=ap&type=lgns.

Here's an article about Illinois football head coach Ron Zook, who won the 2007 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year award, which came with $70,000 for him to give out to the charities of his choice. Here's what he did with some of the money:

The charities include Crisis Nursery of Urbana, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cunningham Children's Home in Urbana, the United Way of Champaign County and Restoration Urban Ministries. Each will receive $10,000.

Here's the article:

Next, a Christian article about Patriots chaplain and former linebacker Don Davis and how he can connect to his former teammates because he was also a player and knows what it's like. Also, they've seen the way he's lived his life and walked his Christian walk during his playing career. He's also currently the assistant strength and conditioning coach. Here's a quote from him about how he's helped the players deal with the success that they've had this year in going undefeated so far:

While the Patriots haven't lost a game this year, Davis emphasized to the team that the fans' appreciation can be fickle at the first loss or first sign of faltering, but the players have to focus their lives on real importance, not on-the-field glory.

"You can't live for the applause of man, but only grow in the knowledge of God," Davis said.

Here's the article:

Here's another Christian article about Davis, this one about the spiritual game plan that he devised with the goal of having the players that he works to tell every player on the team about Christ during the season:

Also, a Christian article Giants team chaplain George McGovern, his role with the team, and what they've talked about. One thing that he's happy with is that the Giants haven't any off-the-field incidents for two years. One reason that he says is responsible for that is the good character that the team's owners and coaches have displayed since he's been there. One of the things that he does is have a coaches' Bible study. He's also the team chaplain for the Yankees. Here's the article:

Here's an article about former PGA golfer and current Oregon golf head coach Casey Martin, a Christian. Martin has Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, which makes his right leg weaker and thinner and doesn't allow him to walk very much at a time, which is bad for a golfer. He eventually won the right to use a golf cart during PGA tournaments. His leg is in such a condition now that he's contemplated having it cut off and getting a prosthetic one. Here's a quote from him about that:

"It's such a hard thing," he said, "but I've thought about how much happier I'd be if I just didn't have it. I'm almost praying that I go one way or the other, that it gets cured or it goes in the tank. The advances in a lot of these prosthetic limbs are incredible. You see people running marathons."

Here's the article:

Next, an article about new Bengals back-up quarterback Jordan Palmer, the younger brother of Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer. I know that Carson is a Christian, but I don't know about Jordan, but I thought that I would include the article anyways. If Jordan makes the team, they will be the first brothers to be quarterbacks on the same NFL team in many years. Here's the article:;_ylt=AosixJy8RW4NLHCpHq8bAT05nYcB?slug=ap-bengals-palmerbrothers&prov=ap&type=lgns.

Here's a blog post by IU runningback Bryan Payton, a Christian, about the team's winter conditioning beginning this week. What I wanted to point out was this quote that he included at the end of the post:

WORD FOR THE ROAD: "Hard work provides us with today's needs, prepares us for future uncertainties, and supplies us with opportunities for life." -Tom Ellsworth, Senior Minister of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

Here's the post:

Also, an article about Falcons runningback Warrick Dunn being awarded the inaugural winner of the "NFL Neighborhood MVP" award this week, which is given to "a player making a positive impact through charitable programs and contributions". He was given the award for "his foundation's work to help single parents purchase homes". Here's the article:

Here's an article about former Astros/Padres 3rd baseman Morgan Ensberg, a Christian, signing with the Yankees this week to try and make the team as a 1st baseman:

Sticking with the 1st base theme, an article about Rockies 1st baseman Todd Helton, a Christian, having his baseball number retired at his alma mater, Tennessee, this week:

Lastly, still staying with the 1st base theme, an article about Sean Casey, a Christian most recently with the Tigers, signing with the Red Sox this week:

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