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Monday, January 8, 2007

Pollack and MLB

Hi. I was surfing on the net some and came across this article from back in December about the Bengals David Pollack that's really good. Here's some quotes:

Every Thursday night he attends the team’s Bible study at Paul Brown Stadium after the others have practiced.

...Ken Moyer, the team chaplain and already a close confidant, visits often....

The Bible remains his playbook. It’s still his main source of reading. The only difference is he reads a little bit more about Job.

“His kids got killed. His ox and sheep and all his land got wiped out,” Pollack says. “But he never turned from God. He continued to honor God.”

Here's the article:

Here's a good article about the Rockies Jamey Carroll, a Christian, and his new contract with the Rockies: (originally at

Lastly, an article about current and former MLB players, including the A's Eric Chavez, Brewers Chris Capuano, Rangers Kenny Lofton, Rockies LaTroy Hawkins, Giants Barry Bonds, and Hall of Famers Frank Robinson and Dave Winfield, playing golf to raise money for the MLB Player's Association Player's Trust fund:

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