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Friday, August 24, 2007

mostly MLB misc., etc.

First, another note about new Padres infielder Morgan Ensberg's (a Christian) thoughts about his first series against his former Astros teammates, this one from the Astros point-of-view:

Here's the results of the Red Sox radio telethon to raise money for a local cancer hospital:

Final Jimmy Fund figure: On Saturday, the results were in. The sixth annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon raised more than $3.68 million. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt gave the largest gift, a record $50,000.

Here's the article:

Next, a neat note about Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb, a Christian, during his start last Friday in Atlanta against the Braves, a complete game shutout, which was during his 42 consecutive scoreless innings streak:

As he [Webb] stood in the on-deck circle in the ninth inning on Friday, a couple of Braves fans in the front row said to him, "Aren't you getting tired yet?"

Webb told them that he was still feeling good and they told him that they thought he was pitching well, to which he said, "Thank you very much."

The scene took place in front of D-backs CEO Jeff Moorad and team president Derrick Hall, both of whom were amazed that despite the fact that he was in the middle of his streak, Webb still acknowledged the fans.

"Are you kidding me?" Hall said. "That tells you right there what kind of person Brandon Webb is."

Here's the article:

Here's a quote from Cubs 1st baseman/outfielder Daryle Ward about teammate Cliff Floyd after Floyd's father passed away:

"At first, I think I did a little too much thinking," Ward said. "There were a lot of thoughts going on, thinking about Cliff and his family and what was going on there, and feeling sorry in that situation. That's tough -- I thank God I still have my father here. We're sending our prayers out to him. I know it's got to be tough."

Here's the article:

Also, a couple of articles about Diamondbacks pitcher Micah Owings huge game at the plate last Saturday. He didn't do that bad pitching (3 runs on 3 homers with 7 strike outs and 0 walks), but that was overshadowed by his hitting. He went 4-5, with 2 homers, 6 RBI's, and 4 runs scored in one of the best offensive games for a pitcher ever. And to make it even better, it was in Atlanta, an hour from his hometown. He had 50 friends and family there to watch him. Here's a couple of quotes from him in an article about the game:

A humble, deeply religious man, Owings is an intense competitor, who is gracious in the time he gives the media, but if you expect him to beat his chest or say something outrageous you'll be disappointed.

"I'm just blessed," Owings said. "Early on in the season I was racking up some 'W's'. I had to learn some things and iron some things out. To be back home and have the game that I did tonight, that's all I can say, I'm unbelievably blessed." ...

"It's up there," he said when asked where this game ranked among all his others. "Maybe one of the best ever. Maybe after it slows down I can reflect a little bit. Right now all I can think is how blessed I am."

Here's that article:

The other article about Owings is about him and his family and their reactions to the game. Here's a couple of quotes, one from him and one from his sister Abi:

"I'm a believer, and I just kept praying," Owings said. "I've got a big God, and he did a lot of big things for me tonight." ...

"My favorite part was the part where he pointed up to the sky, because we believe that this is a God thing," Abi said. "We all prayed together before the game, and I think God really helped [Owings] tonight."

Here's that article:

Here's an article about Bucks guard Michael Redd, a Christian, who is playing for Team USA in the Tournament of the Americas:

Next, an article about new Braves 1st baseman Mark Teixeira, a Christian, on his having to adjust to National League pitching last week after having been traded from the Rangers:

Here's an article about Devil Rays shortstop Ben Zobrist, a Christian, having to go on the disabled list last Sunday:

Also, an article about Braves pitcher John Smoltz, a Christian, setting the Braves all-time franchise career strikeout record:
Here's a great note about Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and his legal troubles from Sports Spectrum's "The Daily" this week:

HOPELESS? Imagine for a moment being Michael Vick. Your once charmed life of adulation and fortune is crumbling all around you. Whereas at one time your biggest problem was the occasional naysayer who said you weren't really a quarterback in the truest NFL sense of the term, now you have more problems than a PETA person at a hog auction. Not only do you face the wrath of the public and the decision of a federal judge, but now you also face the prospect that the state of Virginia will come after you with possible further prison time. Your NFL career is pretty much over, and you are so hated by massive groups of people that you can hardly chance going out into public. Imagine having all that against you. Where would be any hope--any reason to lift your head from the pillow and face another day? Hope for Mr. Vick could be found in the same source that rescued Chuck Colson from his Watergate-caused degradation. Or that lifted Josh Hamilton from sure destruction of his career because of drugs. That hope is Jesus Christ--who can forgive anyone, even a dog-abuser. Why not pray for Michael Vick--pray that he will allow someone into his life who can guide him to hope--guide him to Jesus, the light of the world.

Here's the link:

Lastly, some more on the "Mark Teixeira" song that the two guys at Auburn, Tyler Crawford and Andrew Hall, wrote about the Braves Mark Teixeira. Here's the lyrics to the song from another blog:

Four and a half games back and I don’t Te-care-a
You know why we got Mark Teixeira
Got a new Braves jersey that I’m gonna wear-a
And written on the back is Mark Teixeira
The Mets are scared cause their lead’s gonna narr-a
They’re lookin’ over their shoulder at Mark Teixeira

Chorus:We got Fred McGriff back in ‘93
Hampton’s out cause of injury
Schuerholz smiles cause he is happy and Bobby says,“Let’s go Mark T.”

The National League it just ain’t fair-a
The Atlanta Braves got Mark Teixeira
Chipper and Andruw make a mighty nice pair-a
Let’s make it a trio add Mark Teixeira
A side effect is mild hysteria
The medical reason is Mark Teixeira


Bridge:Scott Thorman stinks and Julio is old
What did Shuerholz do? Must’ve sold his Sooouuulll

Pitchers beware cause he’s gonna scare ya
Throw him a strike now if you dare-a
He could probably steal on Yogi Berra(NOT Yogi Bear-a)
Biggest thing in Georgia since Scarlet O’Hara
If I were a woman I’d probably marry ya.

And that’s not gay cause its Mark Teixeira.

Here's the blog post link: Here's the link to the video again, to sing along with:

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