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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a lot of sports misc.

First, three columns on the death of Wake Forest men's basketball head coach Skip Prosser last week:

The next one about Prosser is by Dick Vitale:

The last one about Prosser is a good one by Andy Katz of ESPN about the reaction to his death by several other NCAA men's basketball coaches and how it made them think about the frenetic pace of their own lives while on the recruiting trail in July like Prosser was:

Here's a note about Georgia football head coach Mark Richt, a Christian, and his trying to reach out to his former player Odell Thurman of the Bengals. Thurman has been suspended for the season by the NFL for recurring drug and alcohol problems. Here's the note:

Richt trying to reach out to Thurman
Former Georgia player Odell Thurman is out of the NFL for the next year and Mark Richt is out of ways to reach him.

The coach has tried to get in touch with his former star linebacker just to check in on him and talk to him about the problems swirling around his life. But Richt has not had any luck yet.

"I really like Odell," Richt said Friday. "I just pray that he gets everything straight and takes advantage of the blessings that God has given him with his ability and his talent."

Thurman was suspended for all of last season after skipping a drug test and later being arrested for drunken driving. He asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate him for the 2007 season, but was turned down Thursday.

"I tell our players once you make a mistake you lose control of the consequences," Richt said at SEC media days. "You don't have any rights anymore. You have to abide by the authority over you and that is what he is doing right now."

Here's the webpage it's on:

Next, a blog post from Colts head coach Tony Dungy, a Christian, partly on the retirement of left tackle Tarik Glenn last week. Here's a quote about it that I thought was good:

Back at work, it was good to get back into the routine. The only downside was Tarik Glenn's retirement. He had talked to me at the ESPY's about the possibility of retiring. I told him I wanted him to be sure in his mind it was the right thing for him and his family. I didn't want him to come back because he felt the team needed him, because we'll find another person to play left tackle. I only wanted him to come back if he really wanted in his heart to play. In the end, it was the right time for Tarik. He's at peace with his decision and that's what counts. He had a great 10 years and capped it off with a Super Bowl. So we'll miss him but we're all very happy for him.

Here's the blog post:

Here's an article about Dale Earnhardt, Inc. (DEI) president Max Siegel. I don't know if he's a Christian or not, but he is/was good friends with Tony Dungy and NFL Hall-of-Famer the late Reggie White, who are/were to great Christians. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I thought that I would include it for what it's worth:

Also, an article about Cubs outfielder Matt Murton, a Christian, being called back up from Triple-A Iowa after having been sent down earlier this year:

Here's an article about Braves rightfielder Jeff Francoeur, a Christian, and how he's hitting better overall this year, even though he's hitting fewer homers. He did, however, hit a homer tonight though (Go Braves!). Here's the article:

Next, an article about the Bluffton University baseball team, the team from the Christian college that was involved in a deadly bus accident last March, and how they were given the royal treatment as guests of the Indians at their game last weekend:;_ylt=AggDqIS8kOL0wFdNpxbns4d.T4h4?slug=ap-indians-bluffton&prov=ap&type=lgns.

Next, a couple of articles about former Padre Tony Gwynn and former Oriole Cal Ripken, Jr., before their induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame last Sunday. The first article is about Tony Gwynn that I again found in my local Sunday paper and then found online. Here's a quote from him about his career:

"I had no idea that all the things in my career were going to happen," he said. "I sure didn't see it. I just know the good Lord blessed me with ability, blessed me with good eyesight and a good pair of hands, and then I worked at the rest."

Here's the article:

The other article is about Gwynn and Ripken now are teaching baseball: Gwynn by being the head coach at San Diego State and Ripken by doing clinics for kids, etc. Here's the article:;_ylt=AjcNgLvDEnT4OgsHFnzzico5nYcB?slug=sh-gwynnripken072907&prov=yhoo&type=lgns.

Here's an article about Devil Rays infielder Ben Zobrist, a Christian, who was also recently recalled from Triple-A Durham after having been sent down earlier in the season:

Also, an article about Morgan Ensberg, a Christian, being traded by the Astros to the Padres today:

Lastly, a blog site by another Orioles Hall-of-Famer Brooks Robinson, a Christian. He unfortunately hasn't updated it since last October though:

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